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 Abnormally Terminated Errors Possible Solutions

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Abnormally Terminated Errors Possible Solutions Empty
PostSubject: Abnormally Terminated Errors Possible Solutions   Abnormally Terminated Errors Possible Solutions EmptyFri Oct 07, 2011 4:55 pm

To prevent Abnormally Terminated pops out, you all can try close the /help (Tips) by press F11 -> Option and uncheck it.

- Try to delete all the error logs in your RYL errors folder except the Readme file [ex: C:\Program Files\CIB\RYL\Errors]

- In the skill slots, whenever you want to arrange skill, please drag your skill to a EMPTY slot, try to not drag your skill directly to replace other skill, this might causes you Abnormally Terminated.

- Try not switching/swapping items or EQs too fast, sometimes the server might be lagging and you do it too fast, and could cause Abnormally Terminated.

- If you frequently get Abnormally Terminated, try off character shadow, screen, Lightmap, Grass, Texture Resolution - low.

1. Change your screen resolution to 800 x 600, if can't try others.
2. Switch the 16Bit to 32Bit, if you're using 32bit switch to 16Bit.

1. Login the game again, make a NEW character
2. Start the new character
3. Press "F11" and choose "Select Character"
4. Start you usual character

1. Restart your PC
2. Change your screen resolution to 800 x 600, if can't try others.

Lots of players have this kind of bug in game.
And there are alots of causes.

1st Cause
When u are loggin out and ur char died during the logout,
u will have this bug when u try to relogin ur char.
U need to try relogin lots of time until it success.
I had this bug for few times and had tried to relog about
10~15 times until it success. Give it a try if u have this bug
when u try to login ur char.[EDIT] NEVER LOG OFF if your death on the ground, Log off somewhere quiet. Park your character everytime before your log off

2nd Cause
When u come to a screen showing 3 chars for u to choose to login,
pls select the char u wan and click Start only ONCE.
If u click it multiple, u will have this bug. Pls be patient to wait for it to login.

3rd Cause
When u wanna put a skill in Skill Slot, pls click it in the Skill Slot ONCE only.
Clicking it in the skill Slot for even Twice will face this bug.

4th Cause
When u relogin the same char too many time.
For example, while u are in game, u go to Character Select Screen
and choose the same char again. This bug will occur.

5th Cause
When u try to throw an item to the ground and have an error
said tht item does not exist while tht item is still in ur inventory.
U need to make a full relog of game. If u try to go to another Map
without doing a full relog, this bug will come out.

6th Cause
When u are running from town to town or a place to a town etc
and u encounter "Buffer Read Failed" error for times, u need to go out from
tht town. Cause tht town might be flooded with players. If u keep on moving
around in tht town, u will keep on having "Buffer Read Failed" and results in
Client Termination. But a full relog will help. [EDIT] This is not the solution, get a better computer, add more ram should fix this

7th Cause
When u open a stall and wanna put items in it for sale,
put the item in and type the price ONCE only and wait for the item to go into it patiently. Do not repeat the same action twice or more without waiting the item to go into the stall.

Some of these might not work for some players as, although both ryl games are identical, programing codes might be different.

Credits to ROU bluewind
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Abnormally Terminated Errors Possible Solutions
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