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 Change Screen Resolution

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PostSubject: Change Screen Resolution   Change Screen Resolution EmptyFri Oct 07, 2011 8:57 am

Hello guys. This is how to change the resolution of RYL .
In this example I will use the 1680:1050 widescreen resolution.

1. Open Registry

For windows XP:

Go to start menu and select Run.
Type regedit in the opened window and click on "OK".

For Windows Vista/7:

Just type regedit into the search field and hit ok.

2. Find the GoW directory

For x32 bit windows versions:

For x64 bit windows versions:

3. Change the resolution

- double click "height" --> select decimal --> type in 1050 or the height you want to use
- double click "width" --> select decimal --> type in 1680 or the width you want to use

Congratulations, you're done!

Well-known bugs:
- 1900x1200 is not possible!
-1680x1050 is the biggest resolution that you can use!
- If you're using the custom resolution you have a few small bugs like the mini map covers the hints and on arena maps the statistics are not shown correctly or are not shown at all.

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Change Screen Resolution
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